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I know, I know. Trust me. If you know me, you know my schedule sucks donkey balls. But I PROMISE! At least once a day I think of something awesome to write about. The time to write it, however, eludes me.

Now on with the show: So I’m looking forward to getting married. A lot of people I know are. However, there are some reasons I look forward to it that may not be the same, or the most obvious reasons. Steve did some things for Miranda that were so simple yet made her so happy, like fixing her electronics (TiVo and internet). Harry walked Charlotte to Tasty Delight. So, here they are: my reasons besides lifelong companionship and love, shared memories, children, man-chores (trash, killing bugs, etc…), and sin-free sex (which is important…don’t get me wrong). Go with me here.

1. Someone to zip and unzip my dresses when I’m going to/coming home from work. I totally don’t even mean this in a sexual way (well, at least not really…I mean, once you’re in covenant…..). I mean in the “How the *(&# am I going to get this dress zipped because I have to go to work!” way. At least twice I can remember, I’ve left my dress unzipped, went to work in a jacket, and asked one of my female co-workers to help me out before the students were allowed in the building. Remember when Samantha missed Smith just because she needed someone around to help her fasten and unfasten her bracelet?

2. Someone to get the case of water bottles out of the car. If you’re a woman, and you have a long hallway to your apartment, you feel my pain. As a friend of mine says, “I just wait until whoever the next guy is that is coming by my apartment, and make him do it.” It doesn’t just go for water bottles. Whatever I have that’s too heavy. My mom just bought me a Wolfgang Puck 18 piece cookware set that will be in my car until a certain someone comes to visit me again. I will be cooking on the raggedy ones until then.

3. Sweatpants. I have no idea why, but guys’ sweatpants are the most comfortable things in the world, but not just any guys’…guys’ that you’re dating. Like, I could go to the same targetwalmartsams, and buy the exact same ones, and they’re not as comfy. And I don’t know about any other ladies, but when I break up with someone, I don’t want to wear clothes that they once had…at least not for awhile. And I can’t imagine my legs being cold because Liar Boy was trippin’. I’m just saying. Carrie normally wore their dress shirts…I can’t see how that’s comfortable, lol.

4. Ironing. I don’t know if this is Atlanta, or maybe just Georgia-specific, but every guy I know loves to iron. They have a method to it. I abhor ironing. I have literally stopped on my way home to buy some pants just because I knew all of mine were wrinkled. He could work that out for me.

5. Not having to cook for one. One of my linesisters said this awhile ago, that “Cooking a single serving of anything is the most depressing thing ever.” Now, I lessen that because I cook enough to ensure that I have lunch for the next day, but it’s still only for me. I want to hear, “That was good baby…thanks.” I could say it to myself, but that’d be weird.

So those are the things to most often come up when I think about the random reasons I look forward to marriage. What about you? Are you looking forward to marriage? Already there? What are some of the things you are looking forward to or like the most?



I like Beyonce. I’m not a stan (kinda) and I’m not a hater. I think she’s beautiful; I believe she can sing; her shoe game is crazy. I like her style generally speaking.

But I have hated disliked every first single she ever put out. I promise I have. I could not get it. I thought they sounded erratic and weird. There were random instruments and basic lyrics.

And then I see the videoperformancewhatever. And I’m hooked (well, except Deja Vu…I still don’t like that one.) Crazy in Love…that walk in the red heels was killer (to me). Deja Vu…well, Deja Vu sucked. But Single Ladies went viral. And now, I can’t stop doing that stupid shoulder shake randomly. The conclusion is that Beyonce has some visionary who can see through the erratic whatever of each first single and can create something wonderful (at least to some/most/a few).

That is exactly how I feel about Candace Bushnell.

She has golden ideas, but I can’t stand her writing. Usually, when story is good to me I can hear the voices without having to create them. Everyone sounds monotone and sort of whiny when I read any book by her.  I read “Sex and the City”, “Lipstick Jungle”, “Trading Up”, and now “The Carrie Diaries”. Someone reads her work and makes it great when it moves to television. I’m not simply talking about the story but rather the voice of the characters. I know it can happen well…I loved both the book and movie versions of  “Something Borrowed”. So with that being said, here is my review of “The Carrie Diaries”. WARNING: This will contain spoilers, so if you’re planning on reading it, stop now.

Travel Reading

When I got ready to come to Europe, (It’s 12:43am here, so this must’ve been pressing to get out, lol) I brough this book with me. I’ve owned it for a while, but I wanted to save it for this trip. Maybe I had a vision of me sitting at a cafe in Italy or France, drinking a cappucino while I read it. Not sure, but whatever the case was, it has been sitting on my bookshelf for over 3 months. I cracked it open a day ago, and finished it today. Let’s get out the semantics.

Differences that I caught between the book and the tv series or movie(s):
  1. 1. Carrie’s mother has died in the book and her father is raising she and her two sisters. When Carrie worked at, and was deciding to quit, Vogue (Season 4, ” Vogue Idea”), she told the male editor Julian that her father “quit her and her mother” (I believe she said she was 5 at the time). It lead to her line of questioning that she possibly writes questions about men because her father left without answers. Additionally, Carrie was the oldest of the siblings in the book, so I doubt that her character on SATC would’ve had sisters. At least it was not mentioned to my recollection.
  2. Sex and the City 2 says the Samantha and Carrie met when Samantha was bartending at CBGB’s. In the book, Samantha was the cousin of her high school nemesis turned unlikely friend, Donna LaDonna. Carrie was accepted to a writing program in New York the summer before going to Brown University, and was robbed immediately after getting off the train. The only thing she had was her journal that the cousin’s number was written it, and the book ended with her calling that number, and saying, “Hello? Samantha Jones?” (I actually really liked that part. The end of the book was the most realistic to me.)
  3. Carrie was a virgin throughout high school in the book. In the series, she lost her virginity in the eleventh grade to Seth Bateman on the ping-pong table in the rec room(“half a joint…three thrusts…finito.” Season 3, “The Big Time”).
  4. According to Wikipedia, “Carrie arrived in Manhattan on Tuesday, June 11, 1986 when she was approximately 21 years old, given her age that is mentioned at other points in the series”. In the book, Carrie is 18 when she comes to New York.
  5. Jeremy, played by David Duchovny, is mentioned as being one of Carrie’s high school boyfriends (Season 6, “Boy Interrupted”). In the book, she has two other mentioned boyfriends before Sebastian (and technically, George). A boy she found attractive but thought was stupid, and another boy she just didn’t really like; both of their names escape me, but their was named Jeremy.

That’s all I can remember. Now, on to the Alignments (or just my reasoning):

  1. One of Carrie’s closest friends in high school, Walt, was gay. He came out after breaking up with her friend. She followed him and found him kissing an ex-football player from their high school. That may explain her closeness and non-judgmentalness with Stanford Blatch.
  2. Carrie smoked in high school.
  3. Carrie made weird fashion choices that probably lended itself to her NY style later on in the series – go-go boots for the first day of Senior Year; red patent leather shoes in elementary school (which initially caused Donna LaDonna to hate her for thinking she was “special”).
  4. Carrie has had a Big/Aidan-esque conundrum for a while. She turned down George, a respectable Brown University student who was interested in her for Sebastian Kydd…a yellow Corvette driving elusive who habitually jumped women. She pretended not to know things so that he could explain it to her; she wanted his acceptance and elusive love…just like Big.
  5. She had a quick wit and asked lots of questions…and of course,
  6. She was a writer, but didn’t find her voice until a few people angered her. It’s probably what got her the column and the New York Star.

Other Random Things about Carrie Bradshaw based on the book:

  1. She was on the swim team.
  2. She was good at math
  3. Her father expected her to be an engineer.
  4. Her “best friend” stole her boyfriend, who then cheated on the “best friend” with the best friend’s little sister.

 Other than what I’ve listed here, the book isn’t very memorable. I finished it less than 3 hours ago, and I’m drawing a blank. The story shifted between Carrie’s drama with her friends to drama with herself to other girls hating her to finding her voice to grief of losing her mother to random acts of vandalism/high schooly things with alcohol (and nobody in any bar ever carding anyone) to smoking weed. It seemed to be completely disjointed and mildly predictable in some storylines.

Where are you Michael Patrick King? I bet you’ll make this an awesome mini-series for ABC Family. Honestly, for a tween or teenager who read the book, it was probably good. There are good messages (Carrie is the only one who waited to have sex and was okay with it…sorta), and some mixed ones (I mean…EVERYBODY in this book got drunk and high at some point), but nothing today’s teenagers aren’t getting an earful of walking the hallways at their local public schools. But if you’re  fan of the show and wanted to read the book just because, it may just annoy you.

Did you read it? What did you think? If you don’t agree with me, I’d love to know why. Other reviews have been positive, so maybe her writing just isn’t my style. Maybe you’ll see something I didn’t and make it better for me. If you loved it, what were your favorite parts?

So, tomorrow I return to Germany from Italy. It’s beautiful and I’ll miss it…especially the Gelato.


–V 😉

In honor of Aphrodite’s son’s day of work, I decided to marry this holiday with some of my favorite dates from Sex and the City, so here we go. Here are some ways to spend this day of love with your beaux, your friends, or yourself!

With a Boo

1. Go to an arcade: (Hot Child in the City, Season 3) Carrie and her comic book store owning friend, Wade Adams, spent a hot New York summer evening at an arcade. They had fun, and even used his scooter. “Wooo…look at me! I’m scooting in heels!”

2. Evening of Jazz: (Defining Moments, Season 4) Carrie and Big often went to the Blue Note to just hang as friends. That doesn’t mean it can’t be a romantic encounter for two! And, if push comes to shove, shove comes to a fist fight, and fist fight turns into a bar brawl…just look for cute bass players. Carrie did 😉 Just don’t have a menage a taxi.

3. Home Culinary Skills: (Sex and the City: The Movie) Big often cooked for Carrie…which works. Anyone, or both, can don the apron for the night. Why not look up a recipe online, and make it together.

Out with Friends

1. Attend a major event: (Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Season 2; Sex and the City: The Movie) If you and your friends don’t like the winged-arrowed one, why not head out somewhere with a large crowd? A concert, movie, or play would be a good evening out with the girls. Hey, go to an auction even…find a ring to buy yourself that’s “a little too much” (personality, not price. We are not living outside our means in 2011!)

2. Game Night: (Games People Play, Season 2) Why not round up your girls, or guys, or both, for a night of Phase 10, Taboo, Wii, or whatever. Whether you’re of the spades or bid whist generation, it’ll be fun!

3. Spa Day: (Attack of the 5’10” Woman, Season 3; The Caste System, Season 2) Carrie and her girls spent a day at the spa just hanging out. My friend and I did this once, and had a blast (minus a few sketchy moments, lol). I’m sure you can look online and find spas where you can go and enjoy the saunas, steamrooms, and whirlpools for less money.

Um…shopping goes without saying, right? lol


1. Go to a book reading: (The Big Journey, Season 5) This could also be done with friends, but either way, enjoy it! Even if you hear about a book reading and don’t want to stay, grab the book and your favorite take out, and go home for a nice relaxing evening.

2. Do something you’ve feared: (The Catch, Season 6) Never in my life would I have tried to be a trapeze artist, but what time like the present when the rest of the world is celebrating love? Fall in love with your adrenaline. If it was me, I’d probably try zip-lining. It looks fun, but terrifying!

3. Take a class to learn a skill. (Was it good for you?, Season 2) Charlotte got her friends to attend a class about improving her, um, horizontal skills, after a guy goes to sleep on her. Yeah…I’m not saying do that, but there are plenty of places where you can go and paint pottery, decorate a space, or learn how to do any number of things. Sometimes, it’s better, because you don’t have to worry about having talkative friends who make you miss hearing the directions!

I hope you are enjoying this day, no matter what. If you don’t have a someone special, I’m sure you have a few…namely great family and friends. And even if you’ve moved by yourself, you have at least someone special with you: yourself. My favorite sex and the city quote has to be from Season 6 Part 2, the final episode.


“The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself…and if you can find someone to love the you you love, well…that’s just fabulous.” –Carrie Bradshaw

Do you have any interesting date ideas? I’d like to know. Have an awesome day, wherever you are 🙂



I am, apparently, way behind on this. I am “supposed” to already have a list of the attributes, characteristics, and/or requirements of of my future “the one”…guess I’ve been busy. On SATC, Charlotte was probably the most criticized for having a particular type. Even Carrie had the conversation about the “good on paper” guy (Season 2, “Twenty-Something Girls”…etc).

The thing is, I have no idea besides the basics – you know – attractive to me and attracted to me, won’t “Ike” me, etc… – but other than that, I like what I like. I’ve never put a whole lot of thought into it. Most of the time, I didn’t know what I liked until I did, so I guess I’ll give it a shot. Here are the things that are most likely non-negotiables for my future “the one”…or at least a wishlist:

1. Have a sense of humor. If you don’t, I probably don’t know you past acquaintances anyway (unless we’re family, which doesn’t bode well for this particular list), so that is null and void.

2. Have a general understanding for the rules of spelling and grammar. Or at least, an understanding that you don’t have an understanding for spelling and grammar. Not the “I don’t know this and I don’t care” type…but the “I don’t know this, so will you look at this for me before I send it out?” type. I remember getting a text from a guy that said “Your beautiful.” Me being me, I responded, “My beautiful what?” I thought he hit send too quickly or something. *kanye shrug*

3. Be passionate about something constructive. It doesn’t have to be something that I am interested in, but passion is attractive. As long as it isn’t passion about all genres of p*rn, I’m okay. (Or about any p*rn related activity)

4. Willing to take care of me when I’m sick. This one is a new addition, and since I’ve had it, it is now non-negotiable.

5. Be able to say when he’s angry. I mean, I’m good at deciphering moods and whatnot, but that doesn’t mean I always want to do so. I’ll even take the “I don’t really feel like talking. Can I holla at you later?”

6. Appreciate music. I mean, if you’re fond of Gucci Mane, I might have to knock you in the eyebrow, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be together… BUT, if you’re fond of Gucci Mane because you think he’s the best rapper ever…we are NOT together.

7. Give genuine compliments. If you don’t like my hair, you don’t have to say you do, but if my shoes are hot and you say so, you get brownie points.

8. Doesn’t say I “use big words”. I just can’t. I also can’t guarantee that I won’t punch you in the thoat if you do make this utterance. Yes, thoat. No r’s for you.

9. Think that Kevin Hart is funny**. It would tell me a lot about you…especially the parts you think are the funniest. Besides, if you can look at an ostrich and not laugh, we might not be together.

10. Does/doesn’t like SATC, but would be willing to watch it with me. We together 😉 And since I like football, we should be able to work out an even exchange.

11. Pray. It changes things, and it is necessary. Can’t lead me if you’re not checking in. Just saying.

12. Be able to participate in general conversation with my family, and my close group of friends. If you can’t…I’m not quite sure why we’re talking. My family and friends are probably some of the smartest and down to earth people I know, but if you can’t follow the conversation.

ADDED AFTER POSTING: 13. Be able to follow the first 4 minutes of “The Social Network”. It was awesome.

I probably have more I could think of…but none are popping to mind. What about you? What’s on your list of your future mate?



P.S. Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day everyone! Whether you serve your community on a daily, or when you have the time, the freedom to do either is a blessing. So, I hope you enjoyed your day on – serving the community – or off – taking a break from the service you do on the regular – commemorating his memory.

** Here is why I can’t think of ostriches without laughing. The quality sucks, but at least the entire thing is there.

Before I even get into this, I must say that I need to come up with some kind of plan to post consistently. There is a bit much going on at work, but I will work through it.

Now with that said, let’s get to it.


I’ll be the first to admit, I do not have a lot in common with Samantha. She is probably the complete opposite of who I am. Therefore, when trying to find items that I thought represented her, I was at a loss. I thought, “There is no way I’m posting pictures of my underwear.” After a lot more deliberation, I decided to come up with items that were most like Samantha is spirit, rather than literally. So these are my favorite things that I own (and paid for with my own money) – inspired by the character…So here we go:

My Favorite Things - Samantha Style

Let’s start with shoes…

I love these shoes…they both have something about them that makes me feel badass. The shoe on the left is a pair I ordered from, Kim Kardashian’s online shoe store (I am addicted to this site…it’s just not even funny anymore). The pair on the left is from Bakers. The platform and bright color on this one make me think Samantha. Seems like something she’d wear with a regular business suit. Both have something a little bold about them (at least bold for me), and when I wear them, I stand out. 🙂

Next up is the makeup. Three things, MAC’s Show Orchid Lipstick, Urban Decay’s Revolution Lipstick, and NYX’s American Queen Mega Shine Lipgloss are bold, even for me, and I am not afraid of color when it comes to makeup! Both Show Orchid and American Queen have that dialed up fuschia-pink going on. Whenever I wear it, I have gotten used to people staring at my mouth. I believe I chose Revolultion not only for the in your face red, but for the packaging as well. Urban Decay’s packaging features a dagger at the end of the lipgloss. If that’s not bold…

Samantha had pretty bold nails in Sex and the City 2 (or was I the only one that noticed that?), and even though I don’t go as crazy as she did, I do like a little pizazz on the nails from time to time. Chic Prints by Sephora by OPI allows ladies (or gents, whatever) to quickly apply a bold print with easy removal. I saw them online one day, and immediately went to Sephora. Whenever I wear them, people always ask “Is that Minx?” Only problem? I have small nail beds, so I have to do a lot of editing to get it to look right on my nails.

Pic from InStyle UK

The other polish is Nabi Nail Lacquer. I picked it up for $3 at MetroPark. I painted my nails with Zoya’s Trixie (silver), and then coated these little rhinstone pieces on top of it. It was my say goodbye to summer nail 😦

The glasses are by Betsey Johnson, and they have little gold speckles on the side with a pink heart. The ring is from…somewhere. Either New York and Company, or Rock ‘n Sole. I forget.

Anyway, these are my Samantha-iest things that don’t go folded up in a drawer. What brings out the Samantha in you?



P.S. If you want to join ShoeDazzle, here is my invite link. You know I have a shoe issue, so help support my habit if you’d like. Every 3 friends to make a purchase, you get a free pair. Come on! My bday just passed, so technically you could be in on getting me a present 😉 I’m just saying…

"What the heck am I doing?"

You know when you meet someone who is just “alright”? Intelligent enough to not make you crack jokes on him in your head while trying not to roll your eyes in real life; attractive enough to be seen with him in a restaurant; interesting enough to keep you laughing; all the while you are not foreseeing anything resembling seriousness.

This does not, however, stop you fromt wanting to throw yourself at him on a random Tuesday for no apparent reason. It doesn’t even make sense to your own self. It happens to the best of us folks. I think I’ve figured it out possibly, maybe…well, not really. It’s because he has what we good old HBCU graduates call a “mouthpiece”. He knows how to string a few words together that sound good enough to be tempting, but not too much to get a “boy, please.” Whatever his thing is…aloofness, silliness, seriousness…he uses it just enough to pique your interest, and your mind does the rest.

Carrie Bradshaw had several of these. Vince Vaughn played an “agent” who turned out to be a personal assistant, but had just enough game to rope her in. So did the politician in Season 2…until he wanted to pee on her. Noticing a pattern. Generally, this guy may have some issue that his game covers up. So ladies, be afraid…be very afraid. Trust me…I know.



I officially go back to work tomorrow. This is mildly depressing for me, though I am thankful that I have a job.

So instead of bemoaning the loss of my summer and freedom, I’m going to recount the amazing things that happened this summer, because trust me I didn’t see them coming. I was just having a conversation with a friend that reminded me of how we both were concerned about my summer. The “free time” could have been heartwrenching so soon after a break-up. Now, I’m like, “Can I just have two more weeks???”

1. Making new friends. I made more acquaintances in the past two months or so than I have in the entire time I’ve lived in Georgia. I even strengthened an acquaintance to a full-fledged friendship. Trust me, girl, I wouldn’t have made it without you this year. This doesn’t take away from my existing friendships…it actually added to them.

2. Attempting things I was afraid of. Make-up artistry is a passion of mine, and this year I was really able to make it happen.

3. Shopping. I mean, this really didn’t change from before, but that doesn’t mean I enjoyed it any less.

4. Self-worth Reality. I got to see me for who I am as an individual, not who I am out of a couple. Let me tell you…I’ve probably gained a few points as an individual.

5. Making Mistakes. While I won’t go into detail, the mistakes I made this summer allowed me to understand my thought process, and the pain that doesn’t necessarily bother me daily is still there.

6. The cruise. Enough said.

7. Being more involved in activities. This was my busiest summer yet, and I loved every second of it. My wallet may not have, but I sure did.

8. Last but not least, strengthening and renewing my relationship with God. It’s like, when you know you’re in the wrong, you avert your eyes. There were a lot of things I was in the wrong for relationship-wise, and I knew it. I was trying to “wait it out” hoping that once it was righted, then I could pick back up with God where I left off. God basically gave me a “wheretheydothatat?” I know…I know.

So, those of you in jobs where you don’t really get summers off that sucks may not understand this, but before a new school year, I always reflect on the last. If this year has any of the improvements of the summer, I’m looking forward to it (figuratively…not actually. I just want to sleep in again tomorrow).



Chris Rock said it best in “Never Scared”…the number one reason why your girlfriend or wife is mad at you is because you “ain’t her first choice!!” Many women laughed (or chuckled under their breath) at this, because in many cases it is true. It may not remain true for always, but at some point, it may have been true.

So how do you know “The One That Got Away?” It’s the guy you think about when things are rocky. It’s the guy of whom you still have the fondest memories. And, he may not have earned the title “The One Who Got Away” because you broke up with him thinking that there was something better, or because you wronged him in some way (though this is the most common way). It could have been timing, distance, etc… I remember the moment I realized when an old friend was the one who got away. It was the night I received a text from him and he wanted to share with me his happiness that he was engaged because his then girlfriend, now wife, said yes! I was sitting next to my ex (at that point, we had been together for three years), read the text, responded with a “Congratulations friend! I’m so happy for you!!!”, went into the bathroom, and cried my little heart out.

I was hurt. I can say it was because they were engaged and I still was not. I can even say it’s because you always want to have better relationship news than any ex-whatever. But, I know it was because I knew I considered him “The One That Got Away.”

Now, I probably won’t always feel that way, but at the time I did. I had the fondest memories of us sitting in the library, studying during prime “hangout at the union” hours at my colleagiate alma mater, or him convincing me to skip class because I had such horrible cramps so he could take me out for ice cream. I even remember the horrified (yet cute) look on his face when I enlightened him on some roaches ability to fly. I could probably continue to list things that still make me smile to this day…which is even more evidence about the then impending doom. *smh*

Carrie had her “face the one who got away” moment in Season 6, running from seeing Berger only to run into the one who got away…twice. She had to face the guy who was probably the sweetest to her overall, Aidan. And his baby. And his wife. Miranda wanted to tell Steve she loved him, only to have him let her know she didn’t have to worry about him crowding her anymore because he was dating someone else, and he “wasn’t in love with her anymore.” Even Charlotte’s big ego almost cost her Harry.

So do you have a one that got away? Were you the one that got away…i.e. Someone’s “Song Cry”? I’ve experienced both. The former sucks a lot worse than the latter.

Walking away from the life that could've been yours...



Samantha and "We" William

I find it interesting how many of us have run into this guy. He is the guy who calls just to say hi, who randomly makes reference to something that will happen in the 2013 (but includes you), who says things like “I can see us…” etc, etc, etc.

……………………………………and he is full of crap.

Of all the things that men use to get women, this is by far the most shady. At least to me.

What, or rather who, I’m referring to is the guy who sells a dream of future bliss to get into something more, um, current. It’s the guy who talks about seeing you as the mother of his children, the vacations you’ll take together, and all other manner of tomfoolery that he knows never crossed his mind. Several conversations with friends confirm that this is not a figment of my imagination, but rather a new technique. I mean honestly, poon-tang is that important to you that you will throw a future on the table? Really?

Even Samantha (who I rarely use as a reference here because I can’t really  relate to her personally) got got by a false-future guy. William, a guy whom she met in a club when she and the girls were on a ladies’ night outing in Season 2 (They Shoot Single People, Don’t They?). During the evening with this guy, he pretty much offered her the Hampton’s house for the summer complete with anything else she could imagine. Even Carrie narrated, “She let the ‘we’ wash over her…”, so they called him “We-William.” Of course, this guy didn’t deliver past the next 15 minutes of the show.

I am a little wary of guys who start mentioning “our wedding” within the first couple of months of meeting me (This has happened more than once since I’ve become single…I have had to reacquaint myself with the man-tricks), even in jest. I always wonder what the hidden agenda is…and there usually is one. I haven’t been wrong yet. Normally, it has to do with where they prefer a woman’s underthings to be. Silly rabbits…

Have any of you met this guy? Believed this guy? Have any of you BEEN this guy? Why? No judgement sorta. Let me know.



Before I get started, let me say that this week is the final week of my quarter, and I am finishing a research proposal. I am almost done.  Yay me.

Okay, now on with it. I decided to do a little series on my favorite things, but to break them down by character. So these are items that I own that remind me of a character on the show. Charlotte is up first, because she was easiest to categorize.

My Favorite Things: Charlotte

So here we have ribbon and pearl necklace by New York & Company, Sarah Jessica Parker’s “Lovely” Eau de Parfum, Parisienne Satin and Crepe Platform Shoes by Christian Louboutin, MAC Victorian Lipstick and Prrr Lipglass, Evian Atomizer, a random printed headband, Paolo Giraffe Print shoes, Zoya’s Sally nail polish, and a card from my best friend.

  • It seems like when SJP made “Lovely,” it was to fit a Charlotte-esque type of girl. It is very soft and feminine without being flowery or fruity (both of which I hate in perfume). This is my favorite spring/summery scent. And the feminine shape of the bottle seems like it should belong on a dainty vanity.
  • Those giraffe print shoes just make me happy. I remember when I bought them on sale at Nordstrom…oh what a happy day that was. The neutrality of the print make them very conservative, but interesting.
  • These beauty items and this accessory always make me feel very lady-like. Most people see that lipstick, Victorian, in the tube and are thinking, “Oh no brown girl.” It is very Barbie pink with a light golden frost. It’s all about the lipglass layered over it (Which is where Prrr comes in), and the right lipliner. I find that whenever I’m wearing that combination, I feel so girly. The pearls do the same thing…there is enough hardwear to be interesting, but the ribbons add interest for me. I love them 🙂
  • Zoya’s Sally is very neutral. It is a beige/pink. It just seems to be the nail polish I’m going for when I want my nails to look sophisticated. I couldn’t imagine Charlotte with the bright Robin’s egg blue I have going on my nails and toes right now.
  • That headband is random, but I think it speaks for itself.
  • The Evian mister seems to be something that calls people to look at me with the side-eye whenever I pull it out. They say things like “You spent money on that?” Well, yes I did. And guess what, I am now no longer sweltering, while you are. So there.
  • The Lubu’s just scream posh chic. I could never imagine any of the other girls in them except Charlotte. Am I right?
  • That card from my friend was sent to me a few days after my breakup. Accompanying it was a box of goodies because she couldn’t be with me at the time. Even though I think the act itself is more Carrie, the sweetness of it is Charlotte. That’s why I love her.


So here are my favorite “Charlotte” things. What do you think?



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