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“Today, I had a thought: what if I had never met you?” –Carrie Bradshaw

I have always loved the “American Girl in Paris, Part Une” episode. Not just because of her big, “Big-you-can-suck-it” speech (which is awesome by the way…although I didn’t think she should’ve started running around the corner. Keeping the same pace would have had a better effect, but that could be just me), but because of the simple and real emotion that came from the “Last Supper” with her friends. All of them were visibly connected, and you could almost see them working out their emotions from having to adjust to not having a close friend physically near them.

Carrie asked the question quoted above, and that was all that was said. All of the women went on their own personal walk down memory lane, with no words. The eye contact between Carrie and each of her friends told the story. I can honestly say that I understand that now.

My friend is moving away. Do you know how long it takes to make a friend who you are finally comfortable enough to call and just say, “What ‘chu doing? Let’s watch tv.”? 2 years. Exactly two years. I met her last June during an educator’s conference that my church was holding, and saw her later at church with a Delta T-Shirt on. We began talking, more comfortable as Sorors, but then bonded as a part of a small knit group of friends. We ultimately became very close. One of my favorite pictures is of us parasailing (in the shades she stole from me…but that’s another issue, lol), and she is always the person ready to stop someone from doing something in anger that will have us on “The CNN”. She was one of the people ready to fight when I was hurt and hug when I was sad. I have two other single, close friends in Atlanta, and we are all equally as sad.

At the end of June, she got a job that will move her to Florida, and yesterday we held a going away party. My goal has been not to cry…especially not in public. I cried in public last month; this means that it cannot happen again until at least the end the September (I’m a G like that, lol). It was a great party, and I asked people to bring things that will remind her of them, or that remind them of her. My friends and I had to run from each other every time the emotions started to run high, because I refused to cry. Near the end of the night, while everyone was dispersing, either going home or playing games at D&B’s, one of the four said, “Let’s go to Pinkberry.” We said our goodbyes, and relocated.

As we sat down, I said, “This seems like Carrie’s last night, before she went to Paris.” Everyone agreed, and we locked eyes, and one person’s bottom lip started quivering. I said, “HEY! I’m not looking at you…but you better pull it together!” We kind of started laughing, with everyone looking away and trying to quell tears.Then the night just went on as normal, with us laughing and talking.

I will say this. I have never been so sad and happy…well, sort of. I’m not going to lie, more sad than happy. She is one of the first friends I made all on my own after all of my friends were based on my ex-boyfriend’s friends. Looking at Pinterest last night though, I found this:

I love my friends…no matter where they are. 🙂



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