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Happy Friday!

I am obsessed with lots of things. Besides Sex and the City, they include the following (not necessarily in this order): Jay-Z (Do you know how excited I was that Empire State of Mind was the theme song for Sex and the City 2), shoes, T.I., make-up, nail polish, the Dog Whisperer (don’t judge me), Beyonce, and products that I want to see if they work or not (like, I refuse to buy a Snuggie, but I do want to see if they make couch tv-watching more comfortable).

For anyone who knows me, the thing that I am more consistently upset with is make-up. My cousin texts me pictures of mascaras to see if I have tried them already before she buys it…AND, she will wait for me to do so before she buys them. Her thoughts are, “No sense in both of us wasting $8.” Folks on facebook ask me to send directions for how to achieve a certain eye look. Guys call me for female friends to ask what type of skincare I use, or could suggest for ___ skintype. Friends text to see if a certain type of polish exists, or for dupes of makeup that is too expensive.

And I can answer them all.

What’s funny is that I didn’t really realize how real it is until I walked into M*A*C yesterday. I was feeling kind of down and just wanted to see if anything moved me as I looked around at all the colors. One of the male artists began to greet me as he was putting some colors back in their places. He said, “Hi. What can I help you with today…,” turned and recognized me, and said, “Oh, girl, it’s you! You almost made me do my whole little spiel. Let me show you the new pigments coming out Thursday, then you can tell me what else you want!” I looked over at my 3rd favorite tattooed MAC artist, and she waved and said “Cute nail polish! I always check your nails when you come in, because I know you’ll have some crazy stuff or a not so regular color!” Then they both continued on with their clients as I walked around.

It dawned on me that they both just knew I was going to buy something. They no longer exert energy when I walk in to make a sale. The sale makes itself. I was telling my best friend about the experience, and she said, “You should write a blog about it.”

It reminded me of when Carrie took Jack Berger to “meet the Prada” in Season 6, “Lights, Camera, Relationship”. When she walked in, the salespeople hugged her, and could comment on how long it had been since she had visited. They asked about other minutae of her life, and then just let her rip. Same thing with me and MAC…or Sephora…or Ulta…or Walgreens for that matter. I am obsessed to all most things beauty. Even tonight I am heading to a sleepover with some friends whose makeup I want to do.

So, what are your obsessions? I once worked with a girl at Victoria’s Secret who had to have all the little pink dogs that came out. She was serious about it, too. I hope you have a great weekend because mine with be rather busy!



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