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Let me take a momentary break from all things Sex and the City related to acknowledge the King.

I was stuck in traffic with my ex on June 25, 2009. I checked facebook and saw all these frantic statuses (statusi? hmm…) about the health of the King of Pop. I remember saying to him, “Babe, Michael Jackson is in the hospital. Apparently, it’s serious.” When the news broke, I was in shock. I must’ve listened to PYT, Smooth Criminal,¬†and Dirty Diana for a whole week straight. I remembered calling my brother to see if he was okay. He was not. Nobody was a bigger Michael fan than he.

No one can completely encompass Mike. Some might have similar moves, or similar vocals, but no one has it all. You, sir, were and are a beast. Enough said.

My girl Alisha has a heartfelt letter to him…check it out here.



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