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Happy New Year (24 days in)!

I sincerely hope that your 2011 was made of awesome, chocolate chips, and blessings. 🙂

It’s taken me awhile to write because I was so focused on what I wouldn’t write about. Life has been a bit rough, and I am uncomfortable with writing about it in it’s rawness. I know it will make an awesome testimony at some point in some way, but right now……. :\

However, I decided that I would write about what I will write about. All of my favorite moments in Sex and the City have to do with the girls being there for each other in rough times…Miranda forcing everyone to talk about Samantha’s cancer during her wedding reception; Carrie stepping in with Miranda in her mother’s funeral possession; Charlotte’s sitting with Carrie when she read Big’s marriage announcement; Samantha forcing Carrie to eat in Mexico; I could continue.

My 2011 ended in a not so great way. While I won’t get into that, I will discuss my friends. When I tell you that there is no better thing in the world (or as a fashion accessory…yes I’m talking to you, lady who insists on wearing leggings as pants) than friends who are not too afraid to be real, not too hard to be compassionate, not t0o cynical to be optimistic, and not too realistic to be faith full. In all of the aforementioned Sex and the City moments, one that stands out to me most is this one:

Only a friend leaves the house dressed this way.


<– You see that? That’s real.

Carrie was going through her own stuff. She’d been unceremoniously jilted. She was embarrassed, sad, and still dealing. But, her friend needed her. Her friend didn’t even state that she needed her…she just knew. And she was ready to throw on a coat, sparkly hat, and boots to brave Manhattan’s winter and subway system to be there for her friend (Sex and the City Movie).

According to Wikipedia, Auld Lang Syne “may be translated into English literally as “old long since”, or more idiomatically, “long long ago”,[4] “days gone by” or “old times”. Consequently “For auld lang syne”, as it appears in the first line of the chorus, is loosely translated as “for (the sake of) old times”. While I can’t control old times, I can celebrate the positives that has come from it.

I have to thank God for the friends He’s given me at the time He’s given them. Only they can affirm you when you feel like breaking down. Only they are willing to stand with you when the rest of the world thinks you’re crazy…even when they think you’re crazy. They’re ready to be on the CNN because someone has harmed you in any way. They’re ready to give snot-nosed (yet cute-faced) prayers to God on your behalf.

Although I don’t believe in stories like “The Notebook”…I do believe in friendships like the girls on Sex and the City. Not necessarily the value systems that they hold, but for the value they see in each other. And no matter what, that crosses all lines. So whether it’s a Louisiana-bred, Kentucky raised chicken judger, a fairly new face who happens to be a jet-setter, a “different than day and night” pair from the heart of the D, someone whose friendship has lasted over a decade, a co-worker who has moved out of that box into other boxes, or the friend you never thought you’d make but has provided consistent God-filled spiritual advice…and she likes shoes like you do…they are important.

Trust me…I’d put on pearls with my pajamas, a sparkly hat, and boots for any of you……..but I ain’t taking MARTA…me and the Camry will ride out though 🙂

I want those friendships for everyone. In 2012, I hope you get it. 🙂



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