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Let me take a momentary break from all things Sex and the City related to acknowledge the King.

I was stuck in traffic with my ex on June 25, 2009. I checked facebook and saw all these frantic statuses (statusi? hmm…) about the health of the King of Pop. I remember saying to him, “Babe, Michael Jackson is in the hospital. Apparently, it’s serious.” When the news broke, I was in shock. I must’ve listened to PYT, Smooth Criminal, and Dirty Diana for a whole week straight. I remembered calling my brother to see if he was okay. He was not. Nobody was a bigger Michael fan than he.

No one can completely encompass Mike. Some might have similar moves, or similar vocals, but no one has it all. You, sir, were and are a beast. Enough said.

My girl Alisha has a heartfelt letter to him…check it out here.



Okay, so everytime I am determined to get in a blogging ritual (like updates Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays or the like), something happens to throw off my schedule. A friend of mine’s apartment was burglarized, so I stayed with her a few days until her jitters were gone.

Now, on to the subject.

One of my favorite montages in Sex and the City is one where Carrie is obsessing about her break up with Big to her friends in Season 2, right before they make her go see a therapist. She isn’t doing a “why did he leave me” obsess…but a “I am so much better than I thought he was” obsess.

That’s how I’m feeling right now. Not the obsession part, but the clarity on who I was in the relationship. I truly thought I had someone special, and that I was lacking something that caused the demise of the relationship. After today, I realized that I was the thing that made him special, and now he’s regular all over again. Doing regular foolishness that regular folks do. The only reason I couldn’t see it is because he still has my “oh-so-special” heart shining some quite flattering HD light. Well snitches, the countdown is on. The lightbulb has an expiration date that is quickly approaching.

In the words of Carrie, “I’m smart. I’m funny. I was totally the poof of the relationship. So it’s best I know now…so I can go poof someone else.”

I’m headed to Cozumel in a week with my cousins, and trust me, there will be no Mexi-coma.

I hope you are having a great week! 🙂



To any and all father’s who read this blog (the two…possibly three of you), I hope that you know you are appreciated. Even if you are a father who hasn’t been a fully responsible one, there is no time like the present.

I have been blessed with a great dad and great male role models in my life, and now more than ever I am happy that they are here. I hope that someone, somewhere, is showing you the love you deserve.

You are appreciated 🙂



Before I get started, let me say that this week is the final week of my quarter, and I am finishing a research proposal. I am almost done.  Yay me.

Okay, now on with it. I decided to do a little series on my favorite things, but to break them down by character. So these are items that I own that remind me of a character on the show. Charlotte is up first, because she was easiest to categorize.

My Favorite Things: Charlotte

So here we have ribbon and pearl necklace by New York & Company, Sarah Jessica Parker’s “Lovely” Eau de Parfum, Parisienne Satin and Crepe Platform Shoes by Christian Louboutin, MAC Victorian Lipstick and Prrr Lipglass, Evian Atomizer, a random printed headband, Paolo Giraffe Print shoes, Zoya’s Sally nail polish, and a card from my best friend.

  • It seems like when SJP made “Lovely,” it was to fit a Charlotte-esque type of girl. It is very soft and feminine without being flowery or fruity (both of which I hate in perfume). This is my favorite spring/summery scent. And the feminine shape of the bottle seems like it should belong on a dainty vanity.
  • Those giraffe print shoes just make me happy. I remember when I bought them on sale at Nordstrom…oh what a happy day that was. The neutrality of the print make them very conservative, but interesting.
  • These beauty items and this accessory always make me feel very lady-like. Most people see that lipstick, Victorian, in the tube and are thinking, “Oh no brown girl.” It is very Barbie pink with a light golden frost. It’s all about the lipglass layered over it (Which is where Prrr comes in), and the right lipliner. I find that whenever I’m wearing that combination, I feel so girly. The pearls do the same thing…there is enough hardwear to be interesting, but the ribbons add interest for me. I love them 🙂
  • Zoya’s Sally is very neutral. It is a beige/pink. It just seems to be the nail polish I’m going for when I want my nails to look sophisticated. I couldn’t imagine Charlotte with the bright Robin’s egg blue I have going on my nails and toes right now.
  • That headband is random, but I think it speaks for itself.
  • The Evian mister seems to be something that calls people to look at me with the side-eye whenever I pull it out. They say things like “You spent money on that?” Well, yes I did. And guess what, I am now no longer sweltering, while you are. So there.
  • The Lubu’s just scream posh chic. I could never imagine any of the other girls in them except Charlotte. Am I right?
  • That card from my friend was sent to me a few days after my breakup. Accompanying it was a box of goodies because she couldn’t be with me at the time. Even though I think the act itself is more Carrie, the sweetness of it is Charlotte. That’s why I love her.


So here are my favorite “Charlotte” things. What do you think?



Happy Friday!

I am obsessed with lots of things. Besides Sex and the City, they include the following (not necessarily in this order): Jay-Z (Do you know how excited I was that Empire State of Mind was the theme song for Sex and the City 2), shoes, T.I., make-up, nail polish, the Dog Whisperer (don’t judge me), Beyonce, and products that I want to see if they work or not (like, I refuse to buy a Snuggie, but I do want to see if they make couch tv-watching more comfortable).

For anyone who knows me, the thing that I am more consistently upset with is make-up. My cousin texts me pictures of mascaras to see if I have tried them already before she buys it…AND, she will wait for me to do so before she buys them. Her thoughts are, “No sense in both of us wasting $8.” Folks on facebook ask me to send directions for how to achieve a certain eye look. Guys call me for female friends to ask what type of skincare I use, or could suggest for ___ skintype. Friends text to see if a certain type of polish exists, or for dupes of makeup that is too expensive.

And I can answer them all.

What’s funny is that I didn’t really realize how real it is until I walked into M*A*C yesterday. I was feeling kind of down and just wanted to see if anything moved me as I looked around at all the colors. One of the male artists began to greet me as he was putting some colors back in their places. He said, “Hi. What can I help you with today…,” turned and recognized me, and said, “Oh, girl, it’s you! You almost made me do my whole little spiel. Let me show you the new pigments coming out Thursday, then you can tell me what else you want!” I looked over at my 3rd favorite tattooed MAC artist, and she waved and said “Cute nail polish! I always check your nails when you come in, because I know you’ll have some crazy stuff or a not so regular color!” Then they both continued on with their clients as I walked around.

It dawned on me that they both just knew I was going to buy something. They no longer exert energy when I walk in to make a sale. The sale makes itself. I was telling my best friend about the experience, and she said, “You should write a blog about it.”

It reminded me of when Carrie took Jack Berger to “meet the Prada” in Season 6, “Lights, Camera, Relationship”. When she walked in, the salespeople hugged her, and could comment on how long it had been since she had visited. They asked about other minutae of her life, and then just let her rip. Same thing with me and MAC…or Sephora…or Ulta…or Walgreens for that matter. I am obsessed to all most things beauty. Even tonight I am heading to a sleepover with some friends whose makeup I want to do.

So, what are your obsessions? I once worked with a girl at Victoria’s Secret who had to have all the little pink dogs that came out. She was serious about it, too. I hope you have a great weekend because mine with be rather busy!



So I haven’t updated in awhile because I’ve been travelling and seeing family and eating crawfish and the like. So now I’m back and there has been a question buzzing in the air almost everywhere I’ve gone.

Man or Woman: Is it ever okay to date a friend’s ex?

"Well...we kind of dated."

This question first came up in a group I’m apart of, and then in random conversations in places where I happened to be, there it was.

I’m of the opinion that if a friend was in a relationship with someone, or even in serious like, then that guy is now out of range for me. I shared this with my brother, and he said “So, if a guy dated one of your line sisters 5 years ago…he’s just out of bounds for the rest of you?? That’s 83 women!! That’s not fair at all!” Well, when he put it that way…

Does it matter the length of time of the relationship, or how serious it was? Both Miranda and Charlotte dated one of Carrie’s exes. Miranda had her ex, “the *sshole” Jim, while Charlotte dated the former sex-fiend-turned-prozac lover. Carrie’s issue with their dating wasn’t one of friendship boundaries, but that those guys had flaws that she would rather her friends not have to deal with. However, I think it would’ve been a knock-down/drag-out had Samantha stepped to Aidan or some craziness like that.

Miranda:"Go on and say it..." Carrie: "I TOLD you so!"

What if a friend was interested in a guy, it wasn’t serious, but it just didn’t work out? Lest we forget, it was Samantha who approached Big first. When he shot her down, it didn’t stop Carrie from accepting his advances.

So, what say you? What is “The Code” for you?



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