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I haven’t forgotten about you. Between turning 30 (which was awesome, and thank you so much for the spectacular well wishes!), work being back in session with a vengeance, a legion of meetings outside of my teaching responsibilities, church activities, and having the time to stop and enjoy my relationship…ya girl has been busy. And sleepy. Very very sleepy. So I took seven days off from writing, but I’m still here. Say, “Hello Atlanta!” Lol, 😉


But trust me…I am still one happy girl. I’m happy with where I am. I’m typing this from my phone in a meeting, taking notes and asking questions, but still wanting to express myself. Yesterday, a friend sent a song to me that she said reminded her of myself and my road to 30. The song is “I Choose” by India.Arie. Check the chorus:

Preach India! This reminded me of when Carrie turned 35 with a less than positive outlook. She had to admit something from her heart that her mind wished wasn’t truth: that she wanted a special man to celebrate with. Having her friends made her life wonderful, but they didn’t fill that companionship void. It wasn’t until Big showed up with champagne and red balloons that she felt better (here’s a Vivienne note: this is when I figured they would end up together. I’m pretty sure I’ll make this a post.)

Then I thought about when one of my closest friends turned 30. She wasn’t looking forward to it and she has a wonderful husband and beautiful children. However, her career wasn’t what she wanted. This is when it occurred to me that this song was relatable. Authenticity to who you are makes a difference. What is important to me may not be as valuable to someone else. But if it’s important to me…it’s important. Pretending it’s not just leaves feelings of discontentment. You can’t forget about yourself and YOUR values. And you can’t judge what’s important to you by what is important to others. Choose.

So… I’m choosing. Choosing to focus on being my best self. Choosing to want to be the best Vivienne, daughter, friend, girlfriend, future wife, and/or future mom that I can. Because I started thinking that way, I embraced 30 with open arms and snacks, lol. I love that life started falling into place and allowed me to see me clearly. I won’t forget about V.

Any areas where you’re choosing your best you…or want to? Share.



Today is my birthday. That is all.





In approximately 17 minutes from the time I began writing this entry, it will be my 27th birthday. I have not been this excited for a birthday in a long time. I have plans with my girls, I have a dress that fits well after many days of eating grapefruit, and shoes. I am planning for it to be a great day.

What I love most about it is that I will be surrounded by people who have always had my back, and those who have shown me more recently that they don’t mind holding it down too. It’s funny, when someone who once said he’d love you “forever and a day” walks away without looking back, it forces you to truly appreciate those who show that they mean exactly what they say. And this is not to throw shade on him, honestly. I just truly have a new appreciation. I can now more clearly see the difference between associates and friends. My bs detector is up to date. And I love harder those who have proven themselves there for me…and I’m a bit more selective about who is in that group.

At the beginning of 2010, I would have never have dreamed that this was the state I’d find myself in by my birthday. This picture is vastly different than I would have imagined…and I’m okay with that. SO, to each and every person who did something in my life to teach me a lesson to help me improve me, for you, I am grateful. The friends in my corner, I love you so much. You are my SATC and lovejones wrapped in one. And yep, that includes the person who broke my heart, because the lessons that spawned from the experience are irreplaceable…especially once the tears stopped. Since that moment, I hit the ground running, and haven’t stopped yet. So yeah, I just might owe you one.

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