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“Two small words…one big idea.” –Carrie Bradshaw

Are there soul mates?

When life throws you a curve ball...

I got to thinking about that whole idea after this craziness that is my personal life. I had never felt so much pain in my life. My entire world seemed to have been kicked off its axis, and I wasn’t sure how I would survive it. I was in a state of utter disbelief that something I thought was headed down a certain road clearly did a seemingly illegal u-turn…leaving me standing alone in the street.

So are there soul mates? I would’ve said yes three months ago…now I’m not so sure. There was an event I went to at my church where they talked about dispelling the myths of single people, and a main one was that there is only one person for everyone. Carrie said, “If you loved someone, and it didn’t work out, does it mean that they were not your soul mate?” Samantha’s view in “Agony and the Ex-tacy” was “…It’s so unobtainable. You’re setting yourself up to fail.” So how do we unattached people who wish to be in a relationship that is heading towards marriage stay sane when it is seems like it is happening to everyone but you?

True Soulmates

"What if we are supposed to be each other's soulmates?" --Charlotte

I’m starting to think the only answer is by not thinking about it. My thoughts had been so consumed by my current situation, that it was hard to focus on anything else. As I am growing and strengthening, I am meeting more people and putting myself in positions that I would’ve never been in before. If for no other reason that this (and the great shoes I’ve bought…and how clean my house is), I should be happy that I have had this break up experience. Maybe now I can relish creating the kinds of friendships that will have me going to The Coffeshop on Sunday afternoons for conversations.

I do, however, thinking that at some point, when you least expect it, you’ll get a nudge that things are not random and are by design. Whether it is a compliment, a prayer, of a handful of red balloons on your birthday when you thought no one special was thinking of you. I gotta say, I’m looking forward to it. But for now, I’ll learn to be happy with myself. After all, I’m pretty got-damned great!

"Happy Birthday, Baby"

"I like the word 'soul'. I like the word 'mate'. Other than that, you got me." -- Mr. Big

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