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In case you were wondering, I did not NOT make it back from Europe. I made it without much fanfare. I was really prepared for customs, and it was a total let-down, lol! No searching through my underwear to see if I had fruit or meat…no nothing!

Anyway, a lot of things have been happening, but oddly, I haven’t wanted to write on them. One main reason is that for me to accurately portray them, it would mean sharing more of my personal life than I feel comfortable. For any writer out there, you know that you write from the heart and what you know. I know a lot, and there’s a lot in my heart……….I’m just not too sure it needs to be on the web.

I have also just been enjoying the rest of my summer break. I hope your summers have been going well, and I’m going to get back on the ball before the beginning of next week. I have a few ideas lined up.



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