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(By the way, if you didn’t know the title was an allusion to “…Romeo and Juliet”, then please up your literary game 😉 If you didn’t know what an allusion was…I probably just sighed. These are English teacher woes, lol)

Hi folks!

I have so much to write about, but not the time to do it. I need one of those voice recognition software so I could just talk it out and edit as I see fit. My birthday came (I’m 28 now 🙂 ), school is back in, I’m busy with extra activities and responsibilities, and now I have a sinus thing to pop up (which is annoying), so things are just piling up!

Anyway, here is a quickie: When Carrie was dating Big and felt like there was no one else in the world…until she saw him out on a date. She said “I thought you said you had a business thing tonight?” He said, “I said a dinner thing” (Season 1, “The Monogamists”). She couldn’t believe that he had gone on a date when all she could think about was him. She said the idea of seeing another man would be like trying to fit another outfit into an already over-stuffed suitcase.

So here is my question…and it is in two parts: What constitutes a date? Specifically.

And part 2: What constitutes dating?

This is a bit of curiousity, a bit of research…

I’d love to know!



DISCLAIMER: Anyone that I have ever dated, please don’t take this personally if/when you read this. It isn’t personal…I’m actually trying to be objective. I’m not sure that I am saying anything offensive, but if I am, that isn’t the intent. K? Thanks. –mgmt.

There must be "closed-offedness" coming from the heels or the hair...

I have found that I attract a certain type of guy. They are very different fundamentally, but they generally have a small set of things in common. My common core, if you will. They aren’t physical attributes, but skill/talent attributes.

They are funny, are skilled with the written word, and know how to run game because they claim to be are reformed hos.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that every guy I’ve dealt with has run game on me (I’m not NOT saying that either…just to be clear); I’m simply saying that the ability for him to do so was present in his skill set. I have never been able to be with someone who could not make me laugh. As an English teacher, I obviously am fond of language. But, this running game thing is different. I’m realizing that it is a weird mix of the previous two; a hybrid of a comedian and a wordsmith.

Carrie was similar. Every guy she saw herself with for real was closed to her in someway. The only person who wasn’t was Aidan, and look how well that worked out. Big was closed with his feelings, Berger was closed with his masculinity, and Petrovsky was closed with his ideas and ability to compromise. It is obvious that Carrie loved “The Chase” which she even referenced while dating Aidan and why she felt so uncomfortable. She said, “No, it’s just, well, it’s just, it feels odd. You know, I’m used to the hunt, and this is effortless. It’s, just, it’s freaking me out” (Season 3, “Drama Queens”). So, it’s obvious what her issues her.

What the heck are mine? What about me is attracting game runners? I’m a very direct person, so I’m not engaging in verbal wrestling. I don’t have a vast relationship past or history. What is it??

Do you have a type that seems to gravitate your way?

I hope you’ve been doing well in the past month. My birthday is this Saturday coming up, so I am excited that my family is coming to visit!



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