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So I haven’t updated in awhile because I’ve been travelling and seeing family and eating crawfish and the like. So now I’m back and there has been a question buzzing in the air almost everywhere I’ve gone.

Man or Woman: Is it ever okay to date a friend’s ex?

"Well...we kind of dated."

This question first came up in a group I’m apart of, and then in random conversations in places where I happened to be, there it was.

I’m of the opinion that if a friend was in a relationship with someone, or even in serious like, then that guy is now out of range for me. I shared this with my brother, and he said “So, if a guy dated one of your line sisters 5 years ago…he’s just out of bounds for the rest of you?? That’s 83 women!! That’s not fair at all!” Well, when he put it that way…

Does it matter the length of time of the relationship, or how serious it was? Both Miranda and Charlotte dated one of Carrie’s exes. Miranda had her ex, “the *sshole” Jim, while Charlotte dated the former sex-fiend-turned-prozac lover. Carrie’s issue with their dating wasn’t one of friendship boundaries, but that those guys had flaws that she would rather her friends not have to deal with. However, I think it would’ve been a knock-down/drag-out had Samantha stepped to Aidan or some craziness like that.

Miranda:"Go on and say it..." Carrie: "I TOLD you so!"

What if a friend was interested in a guy, it wasn’t serious, but it just didn’t work out? Lest we forget, it was Samantha who approached Big first. When he shot her down, it didn’t stop Carrie from accepting his advances.

So, what say you? What is “The Code” for you?



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