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Everyone has wondered about this at least once.

So today, I had a really interesting day at work. It started discouraging because of frustration about a strategy to help a student, but it ended on a high note because in a separate class, I saw true growth with some of my most challenging students. I was having a conversation with my co-teacher who stepped into the last class (we co-teach in the first class), and said that the ability I have to keep my students engaged has to be a superpower. She exclaimed, “She’s leaping whole schools in a single bound!” We kinda laughed about it, but it got me to thinking…

What kind of Superhero would I be? (Oh yeah, this is a light and airy kind of day)

American Maid

I used to think about what kind of superpower I would want if I could have one. I think I’ve got it. I’d be a mix of American Maid from “The Tick” and Angelina Jolie in…well…almost anything where Angelina Jolie is doing Angelina Jolie-type things, you know, like “Mr. and Mrs. Wanted Tourist in 60 Seconds for a Tomb Raider” or something. I’d need to be able to wield a stiletto as a weapon, but have my hair down and a serious cat-eye.

I mean, anyone who could take out bad guys with hoop earrings on has to be cool, lol. And I’d prefer to be in these shoes…

...please and thank you

Wait…I can’t throw those. Hmm…maybe I’d need to ensure my shoes were like boomerang shoes. But I digress… 

In Season 3 (Hot Child in the City), Carrie met Wade Adams a comic book store owner, who piqued her interest by drawing her as a superhero.

It was a rather cute way to get her attention, even if this did ultimately present a problem…(this will be a later post, but I needed to break up some of the seriousness of the topics). It was enough for her to indulge fantasy and playfulness. Everyone needs that kind of release.

So, do you have a “superhero” you? I swear, every time I wear this certain pair of black platform high heels with pink soles, I become Mrs. Smith 8) I even play theme music in my head. Hey, don’t judge me.


Feminine Bad Chick

...better duck! lol




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