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Stress is a...

Stretch girl…you’re out of practice.


So, a post I made four years ago exactly popped up on my TimeHop and reminded me that I haven’t posted in a few years.

I just never came back. I didn’t plan on doing so either, but rereading that post and realizing what it was the beginning of made me realize how important that outlet was in my life at the time. So, I figured I should give this blog a proper closing. Here we go:

I started this blog as a response to heartbreak. Someone from my past wounded me deeply, and this was a much needed reprieve from the self-reflection and assessment of self-worth that clouded my mind. It then moved from a way to express those emotions in a guarded way to a way to examine the random goings on of life in relation to something I enjoyed. Now, I honestly can’t tell you the last time I’ve watched SATC beyond a random TBS showing as I’m flipping through the channels and catch a “good one”.

I remember telling someone awhile ago that I can only write when I’m sad. I write lots of poetry when I’m struggling with something. I can rarely do that when I’m happy beyond the love…dove…glove that Big reminded Carrie of when she was asked to write a poem for that wedding (which Season was that…awww man, I’m losing my touch!! 😦 ) So, it makes sense that I haven’t kept up with this as my personality has shown, and I think that’s a good thing. I write to process…I haven’t needed to do that for something on the negative spectrum in quite some time. It makes sense…and this is exactly why Sex and the City needed to stop after the first movie.

The girls were fine. Everybody was good. They manufactured issues for the sake of the story…and it was subpar at best. I’ve already discussed this at length. They should’ve just left it alone. Aidan was fine in our memories. He didn’t need to become the bad(ish) guy. They made an entire movie because Carrie was bored. Bored people. If there’s not a story there, let’s not force one. They could’ve been happily living in post TV land just doing stuff day to day without an audience.

That’s how I am.

That’s what I’m doing.

The only reason I wrote tonight was because the post that popped up reminded me where I was when the writing was expressive because my life was confusing. Things are very different. My friends are still excellent. I’m still teaching (and kicking butt at it, even in a different environment). I’m happily living my post blog life just doing stuff without a day to day audience. And that’s okay. I’m good. 🙂

So here is the series finale of Sex and the City Psychology. Thank you to the people who consistently posted, who sent encouraging emails, who shared or only found me recently. I appreciate your listening ears when I needed them. I’m grateful for your attention. I hope that your lives are filled with happiness, and that you have found someone to love the you that you love. More importantly, I’m hoping that you love the you that you are.

Thank you.

Oh yeah, before I go…the friend I started making traditions with? The one I sparked with? Well…



I married him. the_lee_wedding-5726

Best decision ever. It’ll be two years in a few weeks, in case you’re curious. That’s all folks. Be sweet!



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