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I’m Back! And I didn’t get left in Mexico, which is an added bonus.

This vacation was much needed, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I did some things I’ve never done before, including singing Karaoke, which was on my list of things to do in a year. I also did everything on my list of things to do on this vacation. I talked to a guy (I actually talked to two, but one didn’t count, because I was commenting on his t-shirt that read “Orgasm Donor”.Ā  Out of order). He sang John Legend during Karaoke, and I complimented his performance. He accepted it, and then immediately said “Hey, I wasn’t with them white girls.” I said, “A hit dog’ll holla…I didn’t say anything about that!” All good fun!

I also hit a pose…it is my favorite picture of myself thus far from the vacation. I got the perfect windblown hair across the face, not-smiling-but-happy pose. Oh sweet victory. It reminded me of when Carrie walked away from Big at the plaza, really slowly, with her hair blowing all everywhere. Well, not really, but as I typed this it does, so it’s the same difference šŸ˜‰

My cousin and I sang No Doubts’ “Don’t Speak” for Karaoke. That was one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever done in my life. Thought I would pass out for a second there. The host said, “In 4 years on this boat, this is the best I’ve ever heard that song done. Wow.”

Anyway, there were plenty of Sex and the City-esque moments. They may not be major, but I did remember them to document them here, and to remind myself how completely dorky I can be.

1. They kept playing that song “Jeremiah was a bullfrog…” It is a song Carrie sang after leaving a party with a waiter after telling Big she loved him, and he did not reciprocate. Pretty sure that was season 2…

2. Only I would go to Mexico and buy nail polish and makeup…sort of like Carrie being in Abu Dhabi and buying those shoes from that stand.

3. I got away to get my mind off of someone, only to be reminded of him in several ways. Very nostalgic, but no turning back. Sort of like Carrie escaping to L.A…. though she went back eventually. That is not in my plans.

All in all, the cruise was a ton of fun, but there were instances of it where it seemed very romantic. I would most definitely do it again with someone special. In the words of Tamia, I’m looking forward “my last first kiss.” At least for now šŸ˜‰ Anyway, I did a lot of thinking about the future, and a plan is forming. It is very vague now, but it is taking shape.

How did you spend your 4th? I hope it was enjoyable!



Okay, so everytime I am determined to get in a blogging ritual (like updates Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays or the like), something happens to throw off my schedule. A friend of mine’s apartment was burglarized, so I stayed with her a few days until her jitters were gone.

Now, on to the subject.

One of my favorite montages in Sex and the City is one where Carrie is obsessing about her break up with Big to her friends in Season 2, right before they make her go see a therapist. She isn’t doing a “why did he leave me” obsess…but a “I am so much better than I thought he was” obsess.

That’s how I’m feeling right now. Not the obsession part, but the clarity on who I was in the relationship. I truly thought I had someone special, and that I was lacking something that caused the demise of the relationship. After today, I realized that I was the thing that made him special, and now he’s regular all over again. Doing regularĀ foolishness that regular folks do. The only reason I couldn’t see it is because he still has my “oh-so-special” heart shining some quite flattering HD light. Well snitches, the countdown is on. The lightbulb has an expiration date that is quickly approaching.

In the words of Carrie, “I’m smart. I’m funny. I was totally the poof of the relationship. So it’s best I know now…so I can go poof someone else.”

I’m headed to Cozumel in a week with my cousins, and trust me, there will be no Mexi-coma.

I hope you are having a great week! šŸ™‚



A few days ago, ShoeDazzle sent out this email:

ShoeDazzleWhich CITY Girl Are You?Our stylists have chosen one of these shoes for you based on your style profile!Carrie - Miranda - Charlotte - Samantha

So I happily went to my shoeroom, and it said I was Charlotte.

*Gasp* Charlotte? Really? I wrinkled my nose up, and exited out of the site. Charlotte seemed so much less exciting in comparison to the other girls (and shoes…except those wedges. No words for those). I was talking to one of my co-workers, who was Samantha, and she said, “Yeah. You’re a Charlotte girl. And, you’re a Charlotte personality.”

Okay, so I had a miniature breakdown when I got home (well, not really, just a train of obsessive thoughts). Am I Charlotte? She seems so drab in comparison to the other girls. Am I drab? Carrie is edgy, Samantha is bold, Miranda is happily sarcastic and pessimistic, and Charlotte seems naively optimistic.

So, I got to thinking about my own self, and who I am. I am focused, with some very key morals. I may ride along with some things, but it is rare that you will get me to do something I think is wrong, or really don’t want to do. She can get influenced (Season 2, “They Shoot Single People, Don’t They?”), and she can lose her happy outlook on life (Season 5, “Unoriginal Sin”); she can be judgemental, andĀ aĀ Ā prude. She doesn’t always make the best decisions…like that unfortunate Trey experience.

As I thought about it, I am like that. I can be influenced and not always happy. I can be judgemental and a prude, and make horrible decisions. But, like her, I’m also fiercely loyal to my friends. My favorite Charlotte moment was in Sex and the City: The Movie, when Big tries to come after Carrie after standing her up.


She was so angry. She cried. She hurt for her friend, and even “cursed the day he was born.” Each of these women has a role in their circle, and her happiness keeps them all a little grounded and corny. Her moving speech is what got them all to the Hamptons (and got her crabs…but that is another issue) for a vacation because they were moved by her love. Even Carrie had to dedicate her book to her friend, who always believes in love (Unoriginal Sin).

So, if I am Charlotte, I hope I am the type of friend to them that she is. She is not as flashy, or as loud or bold, but she is fly in her sophisticated way, and is one classy lady. So, Charlottes, wherever and whoever you may be, put on your best pearls, and celebrate your uniqueness. I happily join your ranks.

Charlotte, the Class Act

Charlotte, the Class Act



I met a man today.

Well,Ā a man met me. I was in the mall grabbing some lunch so that I could continue with my errands for the day, and he walked up to me and said, “Excuse me. Would you have dinner with me sometime?” I was shocked, and surprised. I was in bummy running errand clothes: jeans, t-shirt, flats, messy bun, and mascara. The phone calls to friends about this occurence was met with squeals and anxiety. Everyone was excited for me. I wasn’t excited about the guy, just the event.

The possibility of a new relationship...

Potential new beau? Or just potential?

I am so out of practice. I had been in a relationship for the past five years, so my normal answer to such a question would have been no. It reminded me of Carrie and the politician, right after her Big breakup…in more ways than one. After giving out my telephone number (which I haven’t done in a number of years), there were a dozen sweet things happening (like a thank you for your number text), and some weird ones (like telling me almost everyone was going to hell).

Overall, I think it means that the hope of a romantic future is not far-fetched. It’ll just take practice and openness. And people not being crazy.

Stress is a...

"Get it Together..."

I have many versions of it. Besides my faith, which I must say, is the root of my therapy, I use several things to refocus my thoughts when I’m feeling down. IĀ have beenĀ using all of them recently.

2010 started very promising, and it went awry. Even with the many people who support and love me, ultimately when I come home, I am alone, and that is when I have to deal with me. It reminds me of when Carrie was in turmoil after her break-up with Big, and she talked about how the relationship was a series of games and it didn’t work out. Charlotte said, “Well, maybe the game’s not over. Maybe it’s just half-time.”

In my own life, as I try to make the adjustment to this new phase, I wonder if I am truly supposed to be moving away from it, or if it is a phase. I was so excited when I started this blog, and then the whirlwind of events pushed me to a place where I could not even focus on what to write. It seemed as if every aspect of my world was crumbling. I know I’m a strong person, but this was a bit much…and everyone who I know loves me is at least a 7 hour drive away. To quote Carrie, “The loneliness is palpable.” Have any of you felt this way? How did you deal? I can’t help but wonder…What is REALLY going on?

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