As I was hashing out what I was going to write today, I reflected on my last few posts where I tried to reference Sex and the City 2 but couldn’t remember it though I remember disliking it. I recall preparing to see the movie. I even remember writing the first review. So I decided last night to re-watch it to see if I still felt the same way about it.


I do.

Even worse actually.

I think it’s even worse because then the excitement of it being a new movie, a new Sex and the City movie at that, made me see it differently. I still agree with what I said about Big being the character who remained most true to himself. I still hate Miranda’s corniness. The dialogue was subpar. The clothes…well…the clothes were still good. I meant mostly. I’m still annoyed with Carrie’s hat(s). I still think that all of the best things were throwbacks to the series: the Dior dress, Aidan’s appearance, Smith Jared’s abs.

It made me think about how much a little time can change your review about any thing. Most of the time when I review something that happened after time got a hold of it, I realize how bad it was. When I look back at past relationships, I see how unhappy I was and how I was mostly committed to my commitment. There is a birthday that I have completely blocked from my memory because I hate how a guy I eventually ended up dating embarrassed me in front of my family and friends. In the moment, it was bad. In retrospect it was worse. The good thing about time is that it does provide some type of healing, but the better thing is that it provides clarity. What actually happened. What really occurred. Things you might have decided to gloss over because of the emotion involved that clouded the details become 20/20. Like seriously…I wonder how Kanye West will look back at this moment of life after the passing of his mom after he gets the therapy he probably needs and needed. Will he still think the leather kilt was a good look?

I know this: I have never been happy in any past relationship. There were always things I “dealt with” because I didn’t really believe what I would want could or would happen. I could have happy moments, and decide they were evidence of overall happiness. I also know this: I didn’t think that Sex and the City 2 was a good movie. I liked the moments that reminded me of the show in new ways, but mostly, I could leave it.

Have you ever had a situation that time allowed you to see the reality of it, and not the story of it you probably told in the moment? Are you thanking your lucky stars for this fresher view? Let me know.



P.S. But serious Carrie…WTF…? You look like the Queen of Spades… :-/