I was in college before I knew that Mardi Gras was, in fact, NOT a national holiday.

I didn’t know that other folks were not celebrating Fat Tuesday and the Monday before it with hand grenades and/or beignets.

I did not know that there were people who did not know what a King Cake was (poor babies…)

I was delightfully unaware that people were at work and school like it was any other Tuesday. And even after I did know…that was just them…

…until I moved to Georgia and had to work on *gasp* Mardi Gras. This is treacherous to a born and bred Louisiana Girl.

So though I haven’t had the time to write out the post I’ve been outlining in my head, I couldn’t let the day pass without celebration. So to all my people in Louisiana, in person or in mind, please grab an umbrella and have some crawfish for me! 😉



P.S.  I decided today that I am taking off every Mardi Gras from here on out. Even if I don’t travel home, it just seems wrong to be at work. Blame it on 22 years of conditioning 😉