It is an absolutely BEE-U-TEE-FUL day in Atlanta, Georgia!! It is 75 degrees and sunny…a great day to have your toes out (provided that they are painted, lol).

Today, I have painted my toes (Mod About You, OPI), gone shopping, finished a half of a paper, and gone to a rehearsal and to corporate prayer. I need to nap and rework my hair (it and I are not getting along right now :\).

I really have everything and nothing to write about, so I am simply hoping that your weekend is going wonderfully. Mine is exceptionally busy, but I am happy that the weather is so wonderful…especially after our Snowpocalypse, and endless rainy weeks. Go get a snow cone and some crawfish for me if you’re in Louisiana! 🙂

Put your sunshades on, and have a great day!