We’ve all been told honesty is the best policy. Recently, I have been involved in a situation where I wondered whether or not it would have been a good idea to just not say anything, which could be termed lying by omission.

In Season 3, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Carrie is overcome with guilt about her affair with Big, and wants to tell Aidan. She even had this same issue with Sex and the City 2 in the opposite way, telling Big about kissing Aidan. Both times Samantha said to keep it to herself. Her reasoning was that Carrie did not really want to help the situation, she wanted to absolve herself of the guilt. This causes me to ask this question: is it selfish to tell someone something that could hurt their feelings simply because it may relieve you of your own?

I often wonder if that was the reason I never got a concrete answer as to the actual reason my relationship ended. My guess is that he had something that would ultimately hurt my feelings, and he did not want to say. Guess it wasn’t that much guilt about it. *shrug* Or maybe, he cared too much to hurt me. I’m deciding to go with the former though… Anyway, in the same vein, I also wonder if I come clean about things just because a person deserves to know, or because I want to alleviate myself of the guilt. I’m not quite sure, honestly…(no pun intended).

I’m curious to know what someone else might think. Tell it…keep it?