Warning – Spoiler Alert – If you haven’t seen the movie, and you don’t want to know what happened, don’t read this and get mad at me! I’m not going into detail, but still…

So I’d been counting down.

I bought shoes.

I bought tickets.

I bought tickets again.

I forced myself not to look for spoilers…

…I looked for spoilers anyway.

And now I’ve seen it (twice) and can tell you:

…it was okay.

Now it will be great to me simply because it was Sex and the City. I love the girls, no matter how lame they managed to make Miranda in this sequel (I mean really? WTF?), I love the men, and I was orgasmic over the shoes. But overall, I thought it was okay. Now, on the first viewing, I think I suffered from a case of too high expectations, because I left a little perturbed (that could also have to do with the blowout I had leaving the movie theatre). When I went and saw it the next night with a different group of friends, it got better, and I realize I was looking for something that wasn’t there. So here we go!

Character who stayed truest to the original character: Big

Big is Big. His wants may have changed, but his basic principle is the same: I want to do what makes me happy. They did show his evolvement as far as compromise is concerned. He turned off the tv when she wanted. He went to the premiere (although kicking and screaming), but his thoughts were his thoughts, and he did not allow his opinions to be swayed. He was committed to his marriage, no matter what Carrie did. And even in the “two days off” conversation: that was still him trying to be himself, but please Carrie. I mean, I get it.

Character who changed most from the original character: Miranda

Let me just say this: the old Miranda would not have let another attorney shut her down for two years. The old Miranda would not have planned an agenda for an entire all expenses paid trip. The old Miranda would have never, EVER said “Abu Dhabi Doo!” Ever. If they were trying to show her dealing with quitting, I am almost positive it could have been done without making New York’s most popular pessimist a dork.

Samantha seemed to serve as comic relief throughout the whole movie as well; not quite sure how I felt about that.

Most “Car-Wreckish” Moment: Liza Minelli doing the Single Ladies routine: Wow. Just wow. A close second is Samantha joining in from the audience. But it was good car-wreckish…if there is such a thing.

Best Throwback to the TV Series: Is not Aidan. It’s the Dior newsprint dress. I loved that dress when she wore it originally to apologize to Natasha. That, and her looking down at Big when he surprised her…I loved it, “Just like that, it was 1998 again.”

Funniest Small Part: Charlotte’s “I don’t knows”, followed by her admission that she was drunk. I actually think it was tied with her other line, “I can’t lose the nanny!”

Weirdest “Bradshaw” moment: The hat Carrie wore for Stanford’s wedding, and the hat she wore on the plane to Abu Dhabi. Even my trendiest, edgiest dressing friend was like “What the @!&*, Carrie?”

My Personal Favorite “Just for the Record” moment: Aidan kissed Carrie. Carrie pulled away first. Just wanted to make sure everyone knew that. I’m thinking he might’ve been thinking about her since she saw him on her way to meet Jack Berger. And, he might’ve given her the business had she not stopped it. That is progression from the old Carrie.

Hottest Random Guy: Nicky, Anthony’s brother. I was going to give it to Richard Spurt, the guy who was jumping sand dunes, but he lost some of his luster when he wasn’t wearing his head wrap thing.

The “That ish would NEVER happen” moment:  When all the women of Abu Dhabi took off their burkas and had feather vests and whatnot on. Really?

The “How I Know the Girls aren’t Black” moment: Erin would’ve been fired, or at least removed, when her t-shirt got wet. Quickly. And with force if necessary.

Best Woman’s Moment: The shoutout to single mothers. That was a good touch…and the realization that every women in the theatre KNEW that tv from big was a horrible anniversary gift, lol.

Overall: It was okay. It will probably grow on me the more I watch it, but I know what was missing: there was never that heartfelt friend moment. You know, like in the original movie when they stopped her from hitting Big with roses, or when Samantha fed her to ensure she ate in Mexico. But, the shoes made it worth it.

Non-biased Score: B-

Real Score: A, simply because it is Sex and the City! They can do no wrong to me.

So, what did you think?