Stress is a...

"Get it Together..."

I have many versions of it. Besides my faith, which I must say, is the root of my therapy, I use several things to refocus my thoughts when I’m feeling down. I have been using all of them recently.

2010 started very promising, and it went awry. Even with the many people who support and love me, ultimately when I come home, I am alone, and that is when I have to deal with me. It reminds me of when Carrie was in turmoil after her break-up with Big, and she talked about how the relationship was a series of games and it didn’t work out. Charlotte said, “Well, maybe the game’s not over. Maybe it’s just half-time.”

In my own life, as I try to make the adjustment to this new phase, I wonder if I am truly supposed to be moving away from it, or if it is a phase. I was so excited when I started this blog, and then the whirlwind of events pushed me to a place where I could not even focus on what to write. It seemed as if every aspect of my world was crumbling. I know I’m a strong person, but this was a bit much…and everyone who I know loves me is at least a 7 hour drive away. To quote Carrie, “The loneliness is palpable.” Have any of you felt this way? How did you deal? I can’t help but wonder…What is REALLY going on?