The second opinion

Are two heads better than one?

We have all done it. Replayed a conversation over and over and over, listening for miscues in inflection, or emphasis that we might have previously missed. And if that weren’t enough, we will call a friend for the “second opinion”…

This is the opinion that you get to either confirm or deny what you really think. There is a moment in Season 1, “The Valley of Twenty-Something Guys” where Carrie asks Miranda to listen to a message to figure out if Big is meeting her as a “date” or as a “friend”. This moment is often overlooked as it shares the episode with the “Up the Butt” conversation…which is classic. However overshadowed it may be, it let me know then that this show would be something special because it truly captured a moment that could actually happen in real life.┬áIt reminds me of the frantic times I have called my best friend three states over to reread a text message to figure out what it means. Just this past week, as I am in the throes of a relationship-“whatever”, a text message that ended in “sweetheart” threw me for a loop. “Are we going to stay together? Why would he say that?” We must’ve talked about this cryptic sweetheart for 20 gotdamned minutes! We even asked her husband what he thought (to which he promptly left home to go to the gym and leave us to our analysis…punk).

But really, where does this overanalysis get me? Just with one other opinion besides my own in my head as I’m trying to fall asleep. But, I’m addicted. I need a second opinion. On shoes? No. On what the heck this dude is thinking? Yes. Why? I guess it’s our Achilles’ heel when we can really reach no resolution anyway. It’s only a golden helmet when it can lead us somewhere. (By the way, that’s an Athena reference. Get your Greek mythology game up!) Either way, it is therapeutic to have someone trying to figure it out with you. At least that’s what I’ll tell myself. Am I gonna stop doing it? Probably not…I’m addicted.

Til next time,